Shards of Light, Shards of Shadow

Dreams in a Jar (Session 9)

Wherein the party discovers the phrase "Mad Cow"

Dreams in a Jar

Session 9

21 Sar Eyre?

With another evening of poor rest, the group began searching for the means to escape. Locked on this floor, they searched for the key to escape. But they only room they knew was left was that of the interrogation machine; only Xendrohs seemed interested in exploring it.

Down a long hall, a pale bluish light filled a room like a heat distortion. The source of it was clear—a piece of eldritch machinery tied to the dream energies but now long malfunctioning. Its cruel intent was clear, for it in stood, his head to the side as if addled, the faded remnant of one of Banra’s allies: Vlad the Adamant, Karrn warlord.

As the group approached, Vlad came to life, lurching forward with a drooling moan. This drew the attention of more dream creatures, brutish fragments. As Jak, Valna, and Humphrey rushed to meet them, the true malignancy of the Interrogation machine became known: A burst of painful psychic energy blasted the warriors while strengthening the dream creatures!

The battle was fierce. While the mental assault of the dream fragments dazed the heroes, the malfunctioning magic of the machine brought the dreams that were felled back to their feet to fight again. Vlad fought woodenly, but it was when he was felled, knocked unconscious by Jak, that the true horror emerged: A nightmarish wisp that sent tremors of fear to those that gazed upon it. Then, with a devious touch, it possessed the minotaur!

The tone of the battle changed from defensive to all out panic as the big minotaur took on the glazed look that was so recently on Vlad’s face. The group focused entirely on the dominated minotaur, some reluctantly, one with an amused smirk. Both Humprhey and Valna were deeply wounded while brining Jak down, but soon he was unconcious, and the nightmare freed once more! All the while, eldritch blasts from the giant machinery rained down on the group.

With some teamwork, Humphrey, Valna, Xenhros, and a shaky Jak took down the nightmare creature while Zinnia rushed forward to do something about the machine. In continued to barrage with psychic pain, but soon, with a little finesse from Humprhey and cutting remarks from the drow, the machine was made quiet once again.

Bruised by what my have seemed a simple battle, the group took a brief rest to gather themselves. Now that they had found the key—located in a side cell near the machinery—they were ready for the true dream lab.



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