Shards of Light, Shards of Shadow

The Rest of the Campaign

What happened

This OOC summary is for those few who are still following or stumble upon this later. This is what happened.

  • The groups, penetrating Koldoran’s tomb, find the key to locate the Giant facility they are after. Unfortunately, they also unleash a giant zombie plague upon Stormreach.
  • The group manages to stop the outbreak, but only after massive damage to the city.
  • Sneaking away while they still can, the group find several smaller Giant ruins pointy the way to their lost city.
  • En route, they are attacked by a blue dragon claiming that their actions will release a great doom. They beat back the dragon, but continue forward.
  • Finding Telendar, the lost Giant city, the group finds clues to what the expedition is really after: A secret Giant weapon. House Cannith, secretly in charge of the expedition from the beginning, is seeking the weapon. All notes about the weapon point to it being “too powerful to contain” if released.
  • They find the lost weapon facility, on the edge of an icy lake with a massive claw frozen within. Forced to push ahead, they fight the remnants of the Giant security system to finally access the last chamber: And release the weapon.
  • The “weapon”, a now awake an unfrozen Tarrasque, destroyed the Storm Ascendant and stomps away, stranding the group behind.
  • After more trials and tribulations, including another run in with the Chamber upset at their actions, the remnants of the party (the only survivors of the expedition) reach Stormreach, the “weapon” lost somewhere behind them. No one believes their story.

And that was the end. Shards was fun; I hope you enjoyed reading about it.



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