Shards of Light, Shards of Shadow

Unfriendly Skies (Session 6)

A Bit of Turbulence

Unfriendly Skies

Session 6

18 Wir Eyre

Captain d’Lyrandar holds a small ceremonial burial “at sea” for the lost crewmen: Bosun Miri and the Blademarks guarding the hold. Their bodies are left to the sea.

The storms over the Stormfall Peninsula become worse, and the group faces every airship captain’s worse fears: An elemental assault! Stirred up, creatures of air, cold, and lightning swarm the ship. Everyone is pressed to into the defense of the ship. Xenrohs Gilvheerr begrudgingly keeps watch and barks orders at the crew, using fear to keep them on their toes. Zinnia assists with arcane firepower, augmenting the ballista with her exuberant blasts. Meanwhile, Jak and Humphrey do their best to repel the stragglers that come aboard.

The defense is a bit tense at times, with the failure of First Mate Zorra’s voice making the operation more difficult. Wave after wave of the enraged shards swarm the ship, but with some perseverance, the Ascendant makes it through the worse of the storm and they make their way clear. The Ascendant, however, was damaged in the attack, meaning they will take more time in Stormreach than originally planned.

19 Zor Eyre

Midmorning, those aboard the Ascendant catch their first glance of Stormreach. Its size is deceiving—from afar it looks to be closer than it is in actuality due to the Giant-sized ruins. Zinnia is fascinated by the floating ruins tethered to the city bellow, and all are put off by the smell of sewage potent even from the heights.

The Ascendant sets down at Lyrandar Tower in the Marketplace. Captain Mal informs the Expedition that the University has provided them rooms in the Ship’s Cat in Southwatch for the duration of their stay. He informs them of the damage to the ship, and lets them know their take-off will be delayed. The Professor is nonplussed, indicating there is business he needs to attend to in town as well. Everyone else is given time to do as they will.

Zinnia takes the opportunity to explore the exotic wonders of the Marketplace while Humphrey takes his Master’s things directly to the Cat. Having been told to keep an eye on the others by his own master, the drow follows the hobgoblin unseen.

In the market, Zinnia drags Jak to curio after curio. She initially seeks something to prank Professor Omrish for a perceived slight (the easily agitated orc called her a stupid child), but the potent—and illegal—curse vendor frightened her off. Under the large red-striped tent, she discovered several others items of wonder: A leatherbound tome supposedly found by the famed Brelish explorer Alex Payne that drove others mad; a bowl made of the skull of the mysterious dream serpent. But her biggest find, sold to her by the hard bargaining Dr. Majestic, was the briny jar supposedly filled with the brain of Anabaraxus, supposed fire giant mage of the dreaded Su’lat League. “It will whisper its secret of fires as you sleep,” promised the gaudily dressed man. “Imaging the arcane might that awaits such a discerning mage as yourself.” Even skeptical, Zinnia could not resist the pitch.

Meanwhile, in the Harbor, Valna d’Lyrandar sat idly drinking. Her last assignment, the Kraken’s Tempest had sunk under mysterious circumstances, leaving her in Stormreach. The black mark against her family—her father had possessed similar poor luck—left few wanting to trust her. But when Mal d’Lyrandar, her more respected cousin, offered her the position of Bosun on the Storm Ascendant flagship, she could not refuse. Thus, she found herself at the Ship’s Cat, drinking some tourists under the table and waiting for the ship to become ready.

Humphrey checked Lecturer Omrish’s belongings into the inn, a bit concerned at the many cats that roamed the densewood ground—Omrish dislike the four legged felines. While he unpacked and took a bath, the waif Adria roamed the streets of the Karrn district. Here, justice was harsh: The Stormreach Guard was no where to be seen, leaving the well disciplined and violent Sword of Karrn to keep the peace. After rescuing a child who picked the wrong pocket, Adria learned of a gang of children called the Fleas that roamed the giant runs. But the little girl mistrusted the older Adria and all “Big Ones”, and scampered off before Adria could learn more about the cities underworld. Perturbed, Adria returned to her hiding place as Humphrey finished his relaxation.

Through all of this, Xandros kept watch… from the bar.

Eventually, Zinnia and Jak arrived at the Ship’s Cat, finding rooms prepared for her. Apparently, Aunt Bev was a regular guest. Humphrey took a moment to visit a local tea shop, the Blood’s Drop to get some of its famous red tea for Omrish before retiring.

And they all started dreaming…



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