Boroman ir’Dayne

Former Halfling hunter and explorer. Founder of the Wayfinder Foundation.


Boroman is a shadow of his former self, a consequence of a mysterious wasting disease he acquired in Xen’drik. The halfling is but a pale reflection of a man that has survived countless hardships and lived to tell the tale. He is jovial and truly concerned about his philanthropic efforts, especially those tied to the Wayfinder Foundation.


In his youth, Lord Boroman ir’Dayne was a great hunter and explorer. He led the only expedition ever to reach the Frostfell and return to tell the tale. He wrestled ogres in Droaam, fought chuuls in the Shadow Marches, and was the first halfling to travel to Xen’drik and return. Dayne amassed a fortune in his day, but during his final expedition to Xen’drik he contracted a slow, wasting curse that no magic has been able to reverse. He now leads the Wayfinder Foundation from his home in Fairhaven in hopes of being part (albeit distantly) of future adventures.

Sources: Keith Baker, Bill Slavicsek, and James Wyatt. Eberron Campaign Setting, 2004. p. 247.

Boroman ir’Dayne

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