Yorrick Amanatu

Oldest of Coin Lords and the most powerful


Yorrick, an aging dwarf, operates the Stormreach Watch. He founded the city along with the other Storm Lords and has been a constant force in its development. Now 260 years, he depends on magic offset the ravages of age, though he keeps his appearances up. Nothing gets pass the old dwarf.


The Amanatus were the scourge of the seas and would never have submitted to Galifar if Yorrick did not take over the line after his father was killed at sea. Yorrick knows that personal power is the only way to maintain control in a city like Stormreach, and has used his cunning to destroy any threats to the city and to the solidarity of the Storm Lords (including coups from other Lords). He has very close ties to the dwarves of House Kundarak and his family personally overseas the Stormreach Watch.

Yorrick has an estranged relationship with House Lyrandar due to old grudges from his pirating days.

Yorrick Amanatu

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