Zinnia Elanora Barrasten

Endlessly optimistic, always helpful, and very accident prone. What do you mean that's a dangerous combination for a student wizard?


Oops. There was supposed to be a hand gesture in that one, wasn’t there?

Female Gnome Wizard 1 (XP 0)
Initiative +3; Senses Lowlight Vision; Passive Insight 15, Passive Perception 10
HP 22; Bloodied 11; Healing Surge 5; Surges Per Day 7
AC 14; Fort 11, Ref 14, Will 14
Speed 5 squares
Action Points 1

Dagger (action type; at-will) ✦ Weapon
+2 vs AC;
1d4-1 damage.

Dagger (action type; at-will) ✦ Weapon
Range ??; +6 vs AC;
1d4+3 damage.

Light (action type; at-will) ✦ Keywords: Arcane
Range 5;
Effect: Light! Bright light! We were trying to be subtle? Oops, sorry…

Mage Hand (action type; at-will) ✦ Keywords: Arcane, Conjuration
Range 5;
Effect: See? It’s useful! It moves things for you, and can put things in packs or take them out, and… what do you mean that’s why you have your own hands? But this one is magic!

Prestidigitation (action type; at-will) ✦ Keywords: Arcane
Range 2;
Effect: I can light a candle! Or warm your dinner! Or make it taste better! No, it doesn’t make me go away, why do you ask? I don’t know if I have a spell that does that…

Scorching Burst (action type; at-will) ✦ Keywords: Arcane, Fire, Implement
Area 1 within 10. +4 vs Reflex;
Hit 1d6+5 damage.

Magic Missile (action type; at-will) ✦ Keywords: Arcane, Force, Implement
Range 20 . +4 vs Reflex;
Hit 2d4+4 damage.

Fade Away (action type; encounter) ✦ Keywords: Illusion
Effect: What gnome? You never saw a gnome here. At least not until next turn…

Ghost Sound (action type; encounter) ✦ Keywords: Arcane, Illusion
Range 10;
Effect: You said to go away. You never said I couldn’t talk to you.

Force Orb (action type; encounter) ✦ Keywords: Arcane, Force, Implement
Range 20 . +4 vs Reflex;
Hit 2d8+4 damage, make a secondary attack
Secondary Attack Each enemy in an adjacent square, 1d10+4 damage

Flaming Sphere (action type; daily) ✦ Keywords: Arcane, Conjuration, Fire, Implement
Range 10. +4 vs Reflex;
Hit 2d6+4 damage.
Make one attack per round (standard action) until the end of the encounter.

Freezing Cloud (action type; daily) ✦ Keywords: Arcane, Cold, Implement
Area 2 within 10 . +4 vs Fortitude;
Hit 1d8+4
Miss half damage
Effect The cloud sticks around until the end of her next turn, any creature entering the cloud, or starting its turn there is subject to another attack. Dismissal is a minor action.

Alignment Good;
Languages Common, Elven
Str 8 ( -1) Dex 16 ( 3) Wis 10 ( 0)
Con 12 ( 1) Int 18 ( 1) Cha 14 ( 2)
Skills Acrobatics 3, Arcana 11, Athletics -1, Bluff 2, Diplomacy 7, Dungeoneering 0, Endurance 1, Heal 0, History 9, Insight 5, Intimidate 2, Nature 0, Perception 0, Religion 4, Stealth 5, Streetwise 2, Thievery 3.
Rituals Silence, Tenser’s Floating Disk, Amanuensis
Feats: Ritual Caster, Astral Fire
Gear Spellbook, Adventurer’s Kit, Clothes, Dagger, Alchemical Reagents, Wand; gold: None of your business; total encumbrance: 41/80

Zinnia is the youngest daughter of the Barrastens, a well-to-do gnome family in Zilargo. The Barrastens have been proud supporters and employees of the Library for generations, and Zinnia is eager to join in her family’s tradition.

She is in her first year of studies at the Library as a young wizard. She works part time as a page in the reserved research wing of the vast Library, helping to catalog and archive the newest research in exciting topics such as blink dog ecology. At least she did up until the Expedition.

When her Aunt Bev, or Beverlea Ginasa Barrasten to be precise, the renowned Tenured Professor in Arcane Studies and Theoretical Thaumaturgy and Chair of Indefinite Studies of Cultural Relativism in Relation to Artifice was invited to join the prestigious expedition, Zinnia was thrilled to learn that she had been chosen as the first participant in a new program at the Library: Cooperative Distance Practical Education.

Zinnia’s Correspondence

Zinnia’s Dream Log

Zinnia Elanora Barrasten

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