Aldus Thunderspanner

Tinkerer and friend to homunculi


Do watch Fetch; he’s always underfoot.

Aldus is an aging dwarf with a warm face worn with age. He is never far from his menagerie of homunculi: Cheep (an expeditious messenger), Fetch (a furtive filcher), and Doggie (an iron defender).

Skills: Arcana +12, Thievery +9
Rituals Enchant Magic Item, Leomand’s Secret Chest


In his youth, Aldus was part of a adventurous group that avoided the Last War by delving into the jungles of Xen’drik. His last trip ended with the discovery of the “Koldoran Piece.” Long retired, Aldus was brought into the Expedition when Professor Alain Gourthan took interest in the Piece and the dwarf.

Aldus Thunderspanner

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