The Harbinger

The Harbinger of Your Doom. Loyal Fanatic to the House Deneith. Avenger of the Silver Flame.


Standing between me and my quarry is a dangerous place for you…

Male Human Avenger 1 (XP 0)

Initiative +5; Passive Insight 19, Passive Perception 19
HP 26; Bloodied 13; Healing Surge 6; Surges Per Day 8
AC 17; Fort 13, Ref 15, Will 16

Speed 6
Action Points 1

Greatsword (Standard; at-will)
+3 vs AC; 1d10 damage.
Dagger(Standard; at-will)
+3 vs AC; 1d4 damage.

Overwhelming Strike (Standard; at-will) Keywords: Divine, Weapon
+4 vs AC;
Hit 1d10+ 4 damage. Shift one square and slide the target 1 square into space formerly occupied.
Miss You get laughed at.
Effect You’re still awesome.
Bond of Retribution (Standard; at-will) Keywords: Divine, Radiant, Weapon
+4 vs AC;
Hit 1d10 + 4 damage. The first time an enemy other than the target hits or misses you before the end of your next turn, the target takes 3 radiant damage.
Miss You get joked.
Effect You’re still cool.
Radiant Vengence (Standard; at-will) Keywords: Divine, Implement, Radiant
Range 10. +4 vs AC;
Hit 1d8+4 radiant damage, and you gain 4 temp hit points.
Miss Attract disapproving looks from your mentor.
Effect You’re still a special and unique person, valued by, umm, someone….

Avenging Echo (Standard; encounter) Keywords: Divine, Radiant, Weapon
+4 vs AC;
Hit 1d10 + 4 damage. Until the end of your next turn, any enemy that ends its turn adjacent to you or that hits or misses you takes 5 radiant damage. Censure of Retribution: The radiant damage equals 5 + 3.
Miss The party wonders if you can hit a barn door.
Effect Your ego remains untarnished.
Abjure Undead (Standard; encounter) Keywords: Divine, Implement, Radiant
Area: 1 undead within 5. +4 vs Will;
Hit 3d10 + 4 radiant damage, and you pull the target a number of squares equal to 1 + 4. The target is also immobilized until end of your next turn.
Miss Half damage, and you pull the target 1 square.
Effect You get to present your groovy holy symbol.
Oath of Enmity (Minor; encounter) Keywords: Divine
Area: One enemy you can see within 10;
Hit You always hit. You’re just that cool.
Miss You never miss. You’re awesome!
Effect When you make a melee attack against the target and the target is the only enemy adjacent to you, you make two rolls and use either result. This effect lasts until the end of the encounter or until the target drops to 0 HP, at which point you regain the use of this power.
Divine Guidance (Immediate Interruption; encounter) Keywords: Divine
Area: Triggering ally within 10;
Trigger An ally within 10 squares of you makes an attack roll against your oath of enmity target. Effect The target makes a second attack roll and uses either result.

Oath of the Final Duel (Standard; daily) Keywords: Divine, Teleportation, Weapon
+4 vs AC;
Hit 2d10 + 4 damage.
Miss Half damage.
Effect Until the end of the encounter, if the target is more than 3 squares away from you at the start of your turn, you can teleport to a space within 3 squares of it as a minor action. This effect ends if you end your turn more than 3 squares away from your target.

Alignment Unaligned; Languages Common, Draconic
Str 10 ( 0) Dex 12 ( 1) Wis 18 ( 4)
Con 12 ( 1) Int 16 ( 4) Cha 8 ( -1)
Skills Acrobatics: 6, Arcana: 3, Bluff: -1, Diplomacy: -1, Dungeoneering: 4, Endurance: 1, Heal: 4, History: 3, Insight: 9, Intimidate: -1, Nature: 4, Perception: 9, Religion: 8, Stealth: 6, Streetwise: -1, Thievery: 1
Feats: Improved Armour of Faith, Improved Initiative
Gear Clothes, Adventurerererer’s kit, GreatWeapon, Dagger, Holy Symbol; Gold: 18; Total encumbrance: 47 lbs of 100 lbs

Growing up in the House Deneith, the Harbinger has been trained from his birth to follow orders and to obey his superiors unquestioningly.

For most of his life, his religion was Deneithian. That is, in terms of the higher powers, he was more apathetic than anything: spirituality did not have a place in his training regimen. After being exposed to the Silver Flame, their lore and their traditions, the Harbinger was swayed by their militant bent and dedication to Order.

Upon requesting and receiving permission from the House Deneith, he went into training for an elite group of warriors inside the Silver Flame: the Avengers. His training complete, he has reported back to his superiors, who have assigned him to a Deneith attachment to the expedition under the command of Donovan d’Deneith...

The Harbinger

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