Beverlea Ginasa Barrasten

Tenured Professor in Arcane Studies and Theoretical Thaumaturgy, Adventurer Extraordinaire


Really? I think you are terrible mistaken. Unfortunately for you.

Short, even for a gnome, Beverlea Ginasa Barrasten (or “Ms. Gee” as Jak calls her) retains a youthful appearance through what she refers to as “good living.” Most others would refer to it as “an inability to show personal concern for her own well-being and a high alcohol tolerance.” Her most distinguishing feature is her multi-hued hair which, either through magic or some other archaic means, seems to change color on a weekly or daily basis.

    • Level 5 Artillery
    • Beverlea Ginasa Barrasten
    • Small fey humanoid (gnome)
    • XP 200
    • Initiative +4
    • Senses Perceptoin +10; low-light vision
    • HP 48; Bloodied 24
    • AC 17; Fortitude 17, Reflex 17, Will 20
    • Speed 5
    • Dagger of Second Guessing (Standard; at-will) ✦ Fear, Weapon
    • +12 vs. AC; 1d4+4 damage and the target takes -2 to attacks (save ends).
    • Forceful Arc (Standard; at-will) ✦ Force
    • Ranged 10; +10 vs. Reflex; 1d10+5 force damage and make a secondary attack: +10 vs. Fort; the target is knocked prone.
    • Painful Flare (Standard; encounter)
    • Area burst 1 within 15; +10 vs Will; 3d6+5 damage and the target is blinded (save ends).
    • Align. Unaligned
    • Lang. Common, Gnome
    • Skills Arcana +9, Dungeoneering +8
    • Str 15 (+4)
    • Dex 15 (+4)
    • Wis 12 (+3)
    • Con 12 (+3)
    • Int 14 (+4)
    • Cha 20 (+7)
    • Equipment dagger, robes

Though “fearless” isn’t a trait one would associate with the gnomes of Zilargo, it has on occasion applied to Beverlea. While as politically savvy and manipulating as any other member of her species she shows a surprising interest in risk taking and gaining first hand experience of her areas of research and magical expertise. She views the jungles of Xen’drik as “relatively safe” as the lecture halls of Morgrave or the archive of the Library. And sometimes it could be said she is correct.

Jak is Beverlea’s bodyguard, acquired after the minotaur sought more legitimate, and less life-threatening, employment signed up for one of Beverlea’s expeditions as hired muscle. Though Beverlea recognized the horned simpleton from their previous encounter (where his band unsuccessfully tried to assault her expedition) ,she allowed his employment, be it through professional curiosity or an act of kindness. And well she did. This time it would be Jak, bellowing, stomping, and generally making a hard to ignore threat of himself, who would drive the “ruffians” who tried to accost the band of researchers away. n response Ms. Gee took Jak with her to Morgrave. This “animal who could learn from his past mistakes” fascinated her. It helped that the towering wall of muscle and horn seemed to un-nerve her fellow academics. Further appealing to her sense of humor was how he began to emulate those he found himself surrounded by. Carrying a old, damage pair of spectacles, various books which he may or may not be able to read, and his most prized porcelain tea set with him wherever he might go.

Beverlea is the star of her family of academics, and is generally hero-worshiped by the younger generations of the Barrastens. In addition to her duties on the expedition, she’s in charge of keeping track of her niece Zinnia on her field experience, as a favor to her brother, Janago Barrasten. Jalargo is too busy keeping the undergrads in line in his department (Advanced Aquatic Thaumaturgy) to keep up with his scapegrace daughter.

Beverlea Ginasa Barrasten

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