Xendrohs Gilnauss


It’s bad luck to be you…

Male Drow Warlock 4 (XP: Enough)

Initiative +7 Senses Darkvison; Passive Insight 13, Passive Perception 14
HP 39; Bloodied 19; Healing Surge 9; Surges Per Day 7
AC 18; Fort 14, Ref 17, Will 18

Speed 6
Action Points 1

(Standard; at-will)

3 vs AC; 1d4-1 damage.

(Standard; at-will)

Range 5; +5 vs AC; 1d4
1 damage.

Eldrtich Blast
(Standard; At-Will)
Arcane, Implement

Range 10. 5 vs Ref;
Hit 1d10
Effect 1d6 to damage once per round (Warlock’s Curse).

Spiteful Glamour
(Standard; At-Will)
Arcane, Implement, Psychic

Range 10. 5 vs Will;
Hit 1d8
4 psychic damage or 1d12+4 to target with max HP.
Effect 1d6 to damage once per round (Warlock’s Curse).

Warlock’s Curse
(Minor; at-will)

Target enemy closest to you, and curse him. From now until the moment he dies or combat is over, you can deal 1d6 extra damage once per round. You can have multiple cursed enemies.

DarkSpiral Aura
(Immediate interrupt; at-will)
Arcane, necrotic, psychic

Spend Aura Points to Immediately deal Xd6 damage to an enemy that just hit you, possibly weakening him.

(Minor; encounter)

Range 10. 10 vs Ref;
Hit Until the end of my next turn, all attacks made against the target have combat advantage, and he does not benefit from invisibility or concealment.

Darkworm Feast
(Standard; encounter)
Arcane, necrotic, implement

Range 10. +6 vs Will;
Hit 2d6
7 necrotic damage, target is slowed until the end of my next turn.

Shared Agony
(Standard; encounter)
Acid, psychic, implement

Range 10. +6 vs Will;
Hit 2d12 +4 psychic damage.
Miss Can take 7 psychic damage and reroll the attack roll.

Cloud of Darkness
(minor; encounter)
Close burst 1.
Effect Creates a burst of darkness that only I can see through.

Beguiling Toungue
(minor; encounter)

Gain +5 power bonus to your next bluff, diplomacy, or intimidate check during the encounter.

(Standard; daily)

Range 10. +5 vs Fort;
Hit Ongoing 10 points of poison damage (save ends). the first time the target fails a save, each enemy within 5 squares takes ongoing 5 poison damge (save ends).
Miss Ongoing 5 poison damge (save ends).

Skald’s Leather Armour +1

Properties +2 item bonus to Bluff and Diplomacy.

Power (Daily) Immediate Interrupt. An enemy that targets you with a melee attack instead targets a creature of your choice adjacent to you.

Cloak of Resistance +1

Power (Daily) Minor. Gain resist 5 to all damage until the start of next turn.

Headband of Perception

Property +1 item bonus to perception.

Alignment Unaligned; Languages Common, Elven, Giant, Draconic, Undercommon
Str 8 ( 1) Dex 12 ( 3) Wis 12 ( 3)
Con 12 ( 3) Int 17 ( 5) Cha 19 ( 6)
Skillz Acrobatics 3, Arcana 10, Athletics 1, Bluff 13, Diplomacy 8, Dungeoneering 3, Endurance 3, Heal 3, History 5, Insight 3, Intimidate 13, Nature 3, Perception 4, Religion 5, Stealth 10, Streetwise 6, Thievery 3
Feats: Improved Initiative, Linguist, Cough!


A native of Xen’drik, Xenrohs can serve as a native guild to the wilderlands. He is eager to join the expedition that will return him to his homeland…

Xenrohs, as with most drow, is not at all unattractive, but there is something unsettling about him. It may be the way he peers into your eyes as if striving to read every thought you’ve ever had, it may be the way that his black cloak and clothes seem to fade away and transform into the shadows of the Underdark itself when he moves, it may just be that he’s a drow… Either way, attractive as he is and personable as he can be, most just give him a wide berth.

Xendrohs Gilnauss

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