Former fire giant researcher of the Su'lat League; was a brain in a jar.


Anabaraxus’ brain once lived in a solidly made jar. When it was whole, strange fluid moved within, occasionally arcing with lightning. This jar turned out not only to be Anabaraxus’ vessel, but a focus for his abomination of a Dream Laboratory on Dal Quor.


Once a researcher for the famed Su’lat League of fire giants, Anabaraxus willingly had himself interred as a brain in a jar in the hopes of better understanding the enemies from Dream that plagued the empire. The foul rituals set up the jar as an anchor for his dream lab where they supposedly found some key element in the giant’s eventual victory. During the following elven rebellion, Anabaraxus continued his experiments until his vessel was lost sometime during the giant’s downfall.

Members from the Gourthan expedition somehow found themselves trapped within Anabaraxus’ dream realm where they eventually destroyed it and its founder.


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