Durran Sarroni

Scholar of Giant Religions; has a strange interest in Beacon


Why do you say that they had something to do with it?

Professor Sarroni is an aging Brelish scholar with Aundarian roots. The hair he has left is a auburn, though it is starting to fade. He is quite sure of himself, and tends to answer questions with questions.

Skills: Arcana +11, Religion +14


Professor Sarroni’s interests lie with Giant religions, especially with regards to how the religions interacted with their arcane abilities. He has thus spent significant time in Xen’drik on expedition and is probably the most worldly of its members (though its close with Professor Barristen).

Sometime after the Last War, Sarroni was near the Cyran border when he came upon the tale of a warforged that followed the teachings of the Host. Intrigued, Sarroni found this “Beacon” and, using some investiture rituals he had found in Xen’drik, imbued the warforged with the teachings of the Host as an invoker. He now mentors the warforged, though some say he is in fact studying him instead.

Professor Sarroni joined the Gourthan expedition at Stormreach at Professor Gourthan’s request.

Durran Sarroni

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