Tag: Brelish


  • Larrian ir'Morgrave

    The current Lord ir'Morgrave is the head of the university his adventurous forebear founded in 738YK. No academic slouch, Larrian has published more work on giant pottery than any scholar alive or dead. Larrian's primary efforts for the college is trying …

  • Aldus Thunderspanner

    In his youth, Aldus was part of a adventurous group that avoided the Last War by delving into the jungles of Xen'drik. His last trip ended with the discovery of the "Koldoran Piece." Long retired, Aldus was brought into the Expedition when

    Donovan d' Deneith

    Blademark Donovan has a classic Type "A" personality: Everything has a place and everything must be in it's place. He's in charge of his underlings, takes orders only from his superiors. Overall, he is very military, very 'together', very professional. …

  • Vhir

    Vhir was always an odd one in his kobold tribe. For one thing, there was the coloring—a dusky, midnight blue the color of Khyber. Secondly, there was always an odd smell around him. To kobolds, the smell of home was that of comfort, of tribe, of stability …