Calendar of Eberron

Dates are represented as Date Day, Month, Year. For example, 1st Sul, Zarantyr, 998 YK. Years are measured from the foundation of the Kingdom of Galifar. To find any date, see the online Eberron Calendar.

Days of the Week

Day of the Week
First Day Sul
Second Day Mol
Third Day Zol
Fourth Day Wir
Fifth Day Zor
Sixth Day Far
Seventh Day Sar

Months of the Year

Month Season
Zarantyr Mid-winter
Olarune Late Winter
Therendor Early Spring
Eyre Mid-Spring
Dravago Late Spring
Nymm Early Summer
Lharvion Mid-summer
Barrakas Last Summer
Rhaan Early Autumn
Sypheros Mid-autumn
Aryth Late Autumn
Vult Early Winter

Lunar Calendar

Eberron has twelve moons, each named after a month. Due to this preponderance of satellites, there is only a few days a month with a full moon, something of surpreme importance during The Purge. Use the online Eberron Calendar to track lunar phases.


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