Divine Domains

Divine Domains in Eberron

Divine domains indicate the sphere of influence a deity has over belief in Eberron. These domains come from Divine Power; the related domain and divinity feat may be chosen by a character if they worship the appropriate deity or pantheon. The domains listed below correspond to the most common sects of the faith; alternate sects with slightly different domains may exist.

The Sovereign Host (Good: Civilization, Creation, Justice)

The Host oversee the world but primarily focus on the aspects of civilization. The pantheon as a whole fosters community and its fruit, with justice binding the two together.

Arawai (Good: Life, Love, Wilderness)

Sovereign of Life and Love

Arawai, sister of Balinor and the Devourer, oversees the natural world. She is the goddess of fertility and abundance, and oversees the benefits of the natural world to civilization. A farmer reaping an abundant harvest, lovers out on a tryst, and a wanderer lost in the woods all call upon Arawai.

Aureon (Unaligned: Arcana, Knowledge, Justice)

Sovereign of Law and Lore

Husband to Boldrei and brother to Onatar, Aureon oversees magic as driving force of civilization. He is knowledgeable in all things, and uses this wisdom to better mete justice. A barrister preparing a case, a wizard exploring arcane knowledge, and an explorer of ancient ruins all have Aereon on their lips.

Balinor (Unaligned: Life, Moon, Wilderness)

Sovereign of Horn and Hunt

The brother of Arwai and the Devourer, Balinor lives for the hunt. Caretaker of beasts and the cycle of life, the Lord of the Hunt stalks in the night and holds the life of beasts in his hands. Balinor is the ranger that hunts for food, the trapper that brings fur to the cold, and the tracker that tames the wilds.

Boldrei (Good: Civilization, Love, Protection)

Sovereign of Hall and Hearth

Wife of Aureon, Boldrei is the caretaker of the home and protector against the wild. Hers is the love of family that ties society together. Civil servants serve in her name, and leaders of communities act at her behest.

Dol Arrah (Lawful Good: Hope, Sun, War)

Sovereign of Sun and Sacrifice

Dol Arrah, sister of Dol Dorn and the Mockery, is the light of the sun and the light of the soul: Warmth and honor, light and hope. Hers is the honorable battle and the nobility of self-sacrifice. The holy protector who shields others, the wise warrior that uses diplomacy and the sword, and the explorer bringing light to the darkness all serve Dol Arrah.

Dol Dorn (Unaligned: Skill, Strength, War)

Sovereign of Strength and Steel

Brother of Dol Arrah and the Mockery, Dol Dorn faces battles with courage and strength, reveling in the competition. All who are warriors for cause bear the skill of Dol Dorn; those that wallow in cruelty or mindless violence shall face his wrath. The solider forced to fight, the athlete in a game of skill and might, and the gladiator who revels in challenge all have Dol Dorn in their heart.

Kol Korran (Unaligned: Change, Skill, Trickery)

Sovereign of World and Wealth

The only scion of the gods in the Host, Kol Korran represents the fruits of civilization: Trade, wealth, and commerce—in both their positive and sometimes darker aspects. Trade provides the cradle for the positive change, a realm where the skillful and sometimes crafty thrive. Merchants who bring goods to the world and coin to themselves, fences who better for the benefit of themselves, and the banker who masters the flow of wealth all venerate Kol Korran.

Olladra (Good: Change, Hope, Luck)

Sovereign of Feast and Fortune

The wife of Onatar and mother of Kol Korran and the Keeper, Olladra is the bringer of fortune, luck, and success. Her fortunes are fickle sometimes, however, but they always bring change. A healer hoping for the health of a patient, an entertainer wishing for luck on the stage, and the gambler suffering the high and lows of their trade all bear the touch of Olladra.

Onatar (Unaligned: Creation, Skill, Sun [Modified])

Sovereign of Fire and Forge

The husband of Olladra, brother to Aureon, and father to Kol Korran and the Keeper, Onatar provides the tools of society and the spark of invention, all which are born within the fires of his forge. The artificer crafting new creations, the magewright honing his skill, and the warforged that embody invention all owe thanks to Onatar.

Modification to Sun Domain: For Onatar, since he’s so strongly associated with fire, I’d recommend changing the radiant properties of the Sun domain to fire, and adding that all the powers from the Domain feat also gain the fire keyword and do fire damage.

The Dark Six (Evil: Destruction, Strife, Vengeance)

The Host oversee the world but primarily focus on its savage and destructive elements. The pantheon as a whole fosters individuality, passion, and vengeance.

The Devourer (Chaotic Evil: Storm, Sea, Wilderness)

Sovereign of Wave and Whelm

Lord of nature’s savagery, the Devourer represents the destructive aspects of his sister Arawai and brother Balinor. Savage storms, pestilent famines, and the dreaded deep are at the Devourer’s call. Sailors begging for safe passage, farmers praying for gentle seasons, and the lost hoping to be spared from wild beasts all try to supplicate the Devourer.

The Fury (Chaotic Evil: Freedom, Madness, Vengeance)

Sovereign of Rage and Ruin

Daughter to Awarai from the rape by her brother the Devourer, the Fury is anger given no quarter, passion with no boundaries, freedom with no constraints. Selfish hedonists, avant-guarde artists balancing genius and madness, and those that have nothing but rage feel the embrace of the Fury.

The Keeper (Evil: Death, Strife, Tyranny)

Sovereign of Death and Decay

The Keeper embodies greed and gluttony, the dark reflection of his brother Kol Korran. He hungers for the souls of the dead, causes strife through his avarice, and keeps an iron grip on all that he gains. The necromancer seeking the secrets of death, the mother begging for her son’s life, and the heartless master of a mercantile empire all owe the Keeper.

Alternate interpretations of the Keeper may focus on the wealth he hoards beneath the earth, and thus Earth may replace one of the above domains.

The Mockery (Evil: Destruction, Torment, War)

Sovereign of Betrayal and Bloodlust

While his siblings Dol Arrah and Dol Dorn champion honor and skill in arms, the Mockery foments treachery and butchery. Flayed for his betrayal, the Mockery seeks victory at any cost and revels in the destruction causes. Assassins, torturers, and vile gladiators have the Mockery on their lips.

Treacherous followers of the Mockery that see poison as a key weapon of his deceit might replace on of his domains with Poison.

The Shadow (Chaotic Evil: Arcana, Darkness, Knowledge)

Sovereign of Magic and Mayhem

The dark shadow of Aureon, the Shadow embodies all that is dark about magic and the ambition to master it. He is the master of secrets, the patron of forbidden magics, and holder of knowledge not meant to be known. Ambitious wizards, those who do business in the shadows, and bearer of taboo lore all are welcome by the Shadow.

The Traveler (Unaligned: Change, Creation, Trickery)

Sovereign of Chaos and Change

A mystery to religious scholars, the Traveler is a giver of gifts one must be wary of, master of cunning and deception, and muse of unbridled creativity. Shapeshifters, patrons of change, and cunning rogue are made in the Traveler’s mold.

The Silver Flame (Lawful Good: Hope, Justice, Protection)

The Flame calls for the protection against supernatural evil and warding against the natural evils of society. It holds out the generosity of the Flame, but offers the sword and arrow to those that prey on good.

The Blood of Vol (Unaligned: Fate, Life, Protection; or Evil: Fate, Skill, Undeath)

Most Seekers seek the Divinity Within, harnessing the divine power of the their blood to master their own destiny. These Seekers build communities, and see the benefits of mutual protection.

Initiates to the higher and darker aspects of the faith are more selfish and tied to mastery of undeath to control their fate.

Cults of the Dragon Below (Chaotic Evil: Destruction, Madness)

The Cults have no common threads of belief other then their ties to pure destruction and madness. Aspects of certain cults may exhibit as other domains such as Darkness or Earth, but only Destruction and Madness are universal.

The Path of Light (Lawful Good: Change, Freedom, Skill, Sun)

The meditative Path of Light seeks mental perfection to call forth the change of the age and the freedom from nighmare; their symbol is the light of the new age of Dal Quor.

Elven Religions

The elven religions of Aerenal take two forms: The faith in the Undying, and the reverence of the past.

The Undying Court (Unaligned: Civilization, Fate, Undeath)

The Undying Court is the heart of elven society, preserving the lore of the elven race forever as the worthy Undying. Even those not granted leave to join the court are not forgotten, their souls stored forever. The elves harness this knowledge to master their own future.

The Spirits of the Past (Unaligned: Strength, Skill, Undeath)

The martial Tarindal worship their ancestors, and use rites to make sure their memory never dies through reliving their great deeds.

Divine Domains

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