Meet the Ascendant

Meet the Ascendant

Roleplaying Encounter


The trip from Sharn to Stormreach takes about three days by airship. While the journey is fast, it is not without its dangers. The Stormfall Peninsula of Xen’drik is known for its deadly storms and wild elementals.

15 Sul and 16 Mol

The party has the remainder of 15 Sul to shop or to do whatever before the Storm Ascendant leaves early in the morning on 16 Mol. During the afternoon of Sul, Captain d’Lyrandar performs a perfunctory tour of the Ascendant for the Expedition’s crew, mainly for them to be familiar with their “home away from home” for the next few weeks. Highlights of the tour:

  • Upper Deck: Mal points out the location of the Bridge on the forecastle, the ballista, the Unseen Servant crew support, and the life rings. Two crewman are using the ballista to do some skyfishing—they target distant birds and try to come close without hitting them. If asked about the warforged or the luxury cabin, Mal deflects the questions as best he can.
  • Middeck: Mal assumes everyone is familiar with their quarters. He discussed leasure time can be kept in the Lounge where a few Lyrandar crew are playing Three Dragon Ante or being served surreptitiously by Cookie. He points out the Galley and indicates that meals are served thrice daily.
  • Belowdeck: Mal indicates that storage is kept here, but any access belowdecks is only by escort. He indicates the large vault, making it clear that only limited crew has access. Finally, he goes over the basic operation of the soarsleds as “anyone may be called to use them at any time.”

The party has the rest to do as they please. Establish what their normal behavior is during this time.

17 Zor

There are no scheduled events on Zor until the evening. Possible vignettes in the meantime:

  • Someone sees Gourthan and Sergeant Donovan having a low tone heated discussion; they stop when they are noticed. There were discussing security matters and how they are not really in Gourthan’s control.
  • First Mate Zorra could be playing a mean game of darts. Anyone can play against her (use ranged basic attacks for the most part vs an AC 18).
  • Two of the crewman are talking about the ‘bad luck’ following the crew; one mentions the attack, another mentions a pale bird he saw at night meaning death. Cookie listens interested.

Midday, a strong elemental storm will be in the Ascendant’s path. The crew does its best to make its way through, but the way is bumping. Lightning from storm elements can clearly be seen in the distance.

Meet the Ascendant

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