Morgrave University

Morgrave University

Founded in 738 YK by Lord Lareth ir’Morgrave, the great explorer, Morgrave University seeks to understand history through the relics left by long gone civilizations. Ir’Morgrave’s stated purpose in establishing the university was for it to be a “beacon of knowledge shining from the tallest towers of the city, illuminating the forgotten secrets of the past.” However, the university has long be plagued by rumors of smuggling, tomb robbing, and profiteering.

Today, Morgrave is the largest university in Breland. While it is not as prestigious as the University of Wynarn in Aundair or the Library of Korranberg in Zilargo, it is understood to have the largest collection of Xen’dik relics in Khorvaire. Its current master, Lord Larrian ir’Morgrave, is attempting to repair Morgrave’s reputation, but he has his work cut out for him.

The University

The university is located in Upper Menthis in Sharn, taking up the top of Dalannan Tower. Five slender spires (each named after one of the Five Nations) surround the tower and house students. Facilities of note include:
  • The Bridge A covered bridge connecting Breland Spire and the Commons on Dalannan tower, it boasts several vendors.
  • The Commons An open area at the top of Dalannan Tower surrounding Lareth Hall. It is a popular meeting area.
  • Dezina Museum of Antiquities Spanning several levels in Dalannan Tower, The museum houses the largest collection of Xen’drik artifact on Khorvaire.
  • Great Hall of Aureaon Located off of the University, the Hall is a well frequented temple. Popular belife states that a night spent in the Hall sparks inspiration or hidden insight.
  • Hadrill Gardens Toping Aundair Spire, the Gardens have specimens and plant creatures from around Eberron across its many greenhouses.
  • Lareth Hall The domed Lareth Hall tops Dalannan Tower and houses the University’s administration.
  • Valdain Museum of Natural History The Valadain Museum is not as prominent or well funded as the other parts of the University, but does contain a vast collection of stuffed and mounted beasts and magical creatures from around Khorvaire and elsewhere. It is located in Karrnath Spire.

Faculty and Others

The University boasts a unique faculty, many of whom are often away on academic expeditions.
  • Sana Dhuma: Professor Dhuma, an aging halfork, is known for her scholarship on the unusual yaun-ti of forbidden Krezent in the Talenta Plains.
  • Ghash Duurkat: A popular hobgoblin lecturer of Dhakaani history, there are many stories told of the boisterous hob’s exploits.
  • Kona Erran: Professor Erran is head of the botany department. She is a former adventurer, and follows the druidic teachings of the Eldeen Reaches.
  • Flamewind: A curiosity, this gynosphinx returned to the University from an expedition to Xen’drik some years back. She usually lairs near Lareth Hall where she attracts many visitors.
  • Alain Gourthan: A well regarded historian, Professor Gourthan is overshadowed by his colleagues with more field experience. He is said to be mounting is first expedition to Xen’drik to address this.
  • Janik Martell: Expert on Xen’drik history and discover of the ruins of Mel-Aqat.
  • Davi Mordath: A former student of Professor Martell’s, he is known for his controversial theories of the ties between the Church of the Silver Flame and the Serpent Cults of Xen’drik.
  • Sendor Reddick: Professor Reddick is the curator of the Valdain Museum and an expert in taxidermy. Some claim he dabbles in necromancy.
  • Danid Vieran: A senior Professor who specializes in Dhakaani history, specifically that of Ja’shaarat (which is now buried under Sharn). Vieran fells his very relevant work is overshadowed by his more showy contemporaries. It does not help that he’s a jerk.
  • Zophik: Professor Zophik is mad. She is, however, an expert on the Age of Demons. Rumors that her eccentricities stem from a successful trek to dreaded Ashtakala.

Affiliated Organizations

Morgrave University

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