Encounter Levels 2nd and 5th (1665 XP)


This encounter consists of two separate encounters, one abovedecks, one belowdecks. Abovedecks, the pirate crew has sealed the cabin doors shut and neutralized the warforged (though at some cost to their number) to prevent reinforcements. Belowdecks, the main pirate crew is attempting to secure the contents in the concealed vault.

Abovedeck Encounter:
  • Koshalla Tormsh, Half-orc Pirate Queen
  • 1 Pirate Blade
  • 1 Pirate Bolter
  • 5 Pirate Scum

The pirates have sealed off the area and are waiting for Elosha and the rest to pick them up with their skiff. Koshalla, the half-orc pirate captain, keeps to the middle of the deck with the Blade nearby. The scum are scattered about the lower deck while the Bolter keeps watch on the deck above the luxury cabin.

Belowdeck Encounter:
  • 3 Pirate Scoundrels
  • Elosha d’Lyrandar, Lyrandar Renegade

The scoundrels are keeping a watch on the entrances while Elosha works on the vault.

Anyone who works with House Lyrandar with a DC 13 Arcana or Streewise check (DC 18 otherwise) recognizes Elosha as a renegade member of the House who turned to a life of piracy; she and her dashing pirate captain are rumored to be lovers.


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