Repel Boarders

Repel Boarders!

Encounter Level 2 (625 XP)


  • 2 Pirate Blades
  • 3 Pirate Scoundrels. Each has one sleep bomb (Ranged 10; Area burst 1; +5 vs Fort or knocked unconscious for 1 hour or disturbed by vigorous motion).
  • 5 Sleeping Lyrandar crew
  • 2 Deneith Blademarks

During the evening, a group of sky pirates have infiltrated the Storm Ascendant. Entering from the bottom of the ship, they have disabled the guards below and have stealthily disabled those that can be reached from port windows or above deck. Now, another group are stealthily making their way up to disable the rest of the crew.

Repel Boarders

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