Storm Ascendant

The Storm Ascendant

Pride of the Lyrandar fleet, the Storm Ascendant is the future of elemental vessel travel. It can hold upwards of 50 persons for travel and, unlike previous models, requires less of a crew due to unseen servants that take up part of the slack.

  • The Storm Ascendant, Elemental Airship
  • Gargantuan Vehicle
    • HP 400
    • Space 6 squares by 23 squares
  • AC 4; Fortitude 20, Reflex 4
  • Speed 0, fly 12 (hover), overland flight 15
  • Pilot
  • The pilot must be a marked scion of Lyrandar and stand at the Wheel of Wind and Water, located forward in the bridge, to control the vessel.
  • Crew
  • The Storm Ascendant requires five additional crew, all of which use a standard action each round to help control the vessel. The rest of the crew’s duties are provided by unseen servants. Reduce the ship’s speed by 4 for each missing crew to a minimum of 2 so long as the servants function. If the servants seize to function and the speed is reduced to zero, the ship is unable to travel and is out of control.
  • Elemental Ballista
  • The ship is armed with two elemental ballistas on the main desk and one each on the fore- and sterncastle. These are usable by PCs. The air elemental powers these ballista.
  • Load
  • Fifty Medium creatures; thirty tons of cargo.
  • Out of Control
  • An out of control airship moves forward at half-speed. Each round, it has a 50% chance of descending. It descends 5 squares for the first 10 rounds and 10 squares thereafter. An out-of-control airship that hits the ground after descending more than 20 squares is destroyed.
  • Decks
  • The Storm Ascendant has four decks: An exterior observation platform, the topmost crew deck, a middle deck for passengers, and a lower cargo hold.
  • Fragile Propulsion
  • For every 50 damage the airship takes, its speed is reduced by 2 squares. At fly speed 0, the ship is unable to travel and the airship floats out of control.
  • Air Elemental Propulsion
  • The Storm Ascendant is powered by an Air Elemental, which also powers the unseen servants. If it is somehow released or destroyed, the ship comes to a halt at the beginning of its turn and the unseen servants and ballista seize to function.

    • Elemental Ballista
    • Siege Weapon
  • Load: Standard Action
  • Aim: Minor Action
  • AC: 23; Fortitude 24, Reflex 23
  • Fire (standard; at-will) ✦Weapon
  • Ranged 20/40; attack bonus as noted below; 3d6 lighting damage
  • Siege Weapon Rules
  • No Powers: No weapons power can be used with the elemental ballista.
  • Actions: Loading and firing require multiple actions, which may be split between different characters. Each character must be adjacent to the weapon. Actions required to load, aim, and fire are indicated above.
  • Aim: Choose a square as a target; this action can be skipped if the same target is targeted from the previous round. One cam load, then aim; or aim, then load.
  • Attack Bonus: Add one half the level of the lowest crew member, the Int modifier of the crew member who aimed, any bonus applicable from conditions that apply to weapon attacks from the crew member that fired, and any penalties form any of the crew members.
  • Damage: Roll the indicated damage dice; the elemental ballista adds no ability modifier to its damage rolls.

C1. Main Deck

The main deck is orderly and kept free of debris. Two elemental ballista are found here, as are ladders leading belowdecks at the fore and stern.

C2 and C3. Forecastle and Sterncastle

The fore- and sternastles has one of the elemental ballista each.

C4. Life Rings

12 life rings are scattered about the ships railing. Each life ring may be used once to safely carry its wearer to the ground.

C5. Decorative Spile

The spike is not functional for ramming.

C6. Bridge

The ship is controlled from here. Using the windows, whomever is at the Wheel of Wind and Water can direct the vessel; five additional crew members also assist from here. The captain and first mate can also call back any errant skimmers from here or open and close the vault.

C7. Luxury Cabin

This luxury cabin provides a grand view of the sky when in flight.

C8. Hold Entrance

These planks can be removed to allow direct access to the hold.

C9. Forward Cabin

This cabin provides almost as much luxury as the abovedeck cabin, but is more cramped. This area has been given over to Professor Gourthan, and thus most of the Expedition’s research is kept here.

C10. Crew Quarters

This space has room for 18 hammocks and is occupied the the Ascendant’s crew (including the bosun), Deneith Blademarks, porters, and other crew. The Lyrandar and Deneith crew hot bunk (so there are at most nine of them at a time here). Humphrey, The Harbinger, and Jak all bunk here.

C11-14. Cabins

These cabins are cramp, but have their own real beds built into the walls. Lecturer Omrish (C12), the first mate (C13), and the Deneith Captain (C14) crew here. Zinnia bunks in C11 with her Aunt.

C15. Captain’s Quarters

The captain’s quarters, slightly larger than the normal cabins, are found here. Additional navigational charts not found on the bridge may be found here, as are Captain d’Lyrandar’s Cyran trophies.

C16. Lounge and Crew Quarters

Long tables and a few chairs provide room for relaxation and planning and off-duty crew is often found here. When not serving meals, Cookie may be found here tending drinks discretely. Another dozen hammocks are stored along the walls to house additional crew.

C17. Galley

Cookie cooks and serves meals here. He also bunks on the stove.

C18. Artificer’s Quarters

The crew artificer bunks here. The room provides secure access to the elemental housing (Perception DC 20 to find; Thievery DC 20 to open without the key). It provides lab space and equipment for general repairs. Aldus makes his quarters here.

C19–C20. Storage

Food, drink, additional repair supplies, and equipment for the expedition are stored here. C19 is for secured expedition materials and it contains a magically locked vault that can only be opened by the captain, the first mate, and Professor Gourthan.

C21–22. Skimmer Bay

This room (its a single room) holds four elemental skimmers for quick excursions from the Ascendant. Each has unlimited range, but can be recalled by the captain or first mate from the bridge. In addition, there are six additional life rings. A hatch can be open here to let skimmer exit and board.

  • Skimmer
  • Huge Vehicle
    • HP 40
    • Space 2 squares by 3 squares
  • AC 4; Fortitude 12, Reflex 4
  • Speed 0, fly 12 (hover), overland flight 15
  • Pilot
  • The pilot must work the control stick with both hands.
  • Load
  • 6 Medium creatures; 100 pounds of cargo.
  • Out of Control
  • An out of control skimmer continues forward at half speed.

Storm Ascendant

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