Xen’drik, south of Khorvaire, was the home to the Giant Empires in the Age of Giants. At its height, the Giants were artificers of renown, achieving feats impossible today. For example, during an unprovoked invasion by the Quori of Dal Quor, the Giants unleashed a weapon that permanently sealed away that plane. However, in their hubris, the Giants stretched their might too far—a similar plan to stop stop an elven uprising resulted in intervention by the the Dragons of Argonnessen (who taught the Giants magic initially). The dragons destroyed the Giant civilization and cursed their descendants to savagery.

Xen’drik today is a land of secrets. Remnants of the draconic magic distort time and space on the land. This so called “Traveller’s Curse” makes exploration a tricky affair. Added to that, hostile giants, protective drow, and strange natives make exploration a risky affair. However, the rewards are many, as there are yet many cyclopean ruins of the ancient Empire yet to be explored and catalogued.

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