News 0904998

Expedition to Open Continent of Secrets!

Sharn Inquisitive News for 9th Mol, Eyre, 998YK

SHARNMorgrave University, in cooperation with private backers, is funding one of the most significant expeditions to Xen’drik in recent memory. Professor Alain Gourthan, noted scholar of the Titans of the Lost Continent, seeks the resting ground of an ancient giant city supposedly deep within Xen’drik’s southern reaches. The expedition will be composed of near two score scholars, experts, guards, and various members of the Morgrave Outreach Association, a size larger then any since Boroman ir’Dayne’s last, ill-fated campaign.

While noted more for academic efforts than field work, Professor Gourthan was given high praise for the ambitious plan. Larrian ir’Morgrave, Master of Morgrave University, stated, “Alain’s published articles on the earliest days of the giants of Xen’drik is the standard by which our renown field scholars base their efforts. While this is Professor Gourthan’s first field expedition, we feel confident that he will indeed discover the ruins of Telandar, the so-called ‘Titans’ Home’.”

Speculation has surrounded the other financiers of the project who so far have remained a mystery. Ir’Morgrave and Professor Gourthan decline to state their identities as part of the condition of the funding. Rumors from Menthis Plateau suggest House Lyrandar, Cannith, or the entire Twelve have vested interest in the effort. Reports of the expedition’s access to an Airship-of-the-Line seem to back this claim, though nothing so far has been corroborated.

The expedition is still in preparation, including staffing of its crew. Danger, adventure, and celebrity surely await those that survive the journey.

News 0904998

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