Active Quests


Completed Quests

Major Quest: Find the Piece (500 XP)

The characters must retrieved the Koldoran Piece, and discovered the House Tarkanan had some interest in its possible tie to Aberrant Dragonmarks. The Piece was returned Aldus Thunderspanner and the group was financially rewarded.

Major Quest: Foil the Plot (500 XP)

The group discovered that Midshipman Lyra was involved with the Tarkanan attack and set up the attack on the launch party as a distraction to scuttle the Storm Ascendant. The group was able to stop this ploy, though it cost them the life of the Harbinger.

Major Quest: Escape the Dream Vessel (625 XP)

Trapped within an ancient laboratory of the giant-cum-brain in a jar Anabaraxus, the group searched through the dream-haunted remains for an escape. They finally found and confronted the giant researcher himself and escaped, though Zinnia did not escape unscathed.

Major Quest: Find the Koldoran Tomb (750 XP)

Deep below Stormreach, the group found the tomb/prison of giant necromancer Koldoran. He had been involved with arcane research in Telandar but left and somehow betrayed the giant city that become Stormreach and was imprisoned. Thus, while the group found the research the Expedition wanted, they also released Koldoran’s revenge: A zombie plague!

Major Quest: Stop the Zombie Incursion (875 XP)

Koldoran’s revenge, the zombie plague debilitated Stormreach. Acting upon research found from the dead necromancer’s research, three necromantic nexuses within the city were targeted. The party, with Professor Barresten’s help managed to seal the nexus along the river. Another band blew up the nexus under the Marketplace. That left only the central nexus in the necropolis. After a costly assault, an unending wave of zombies, and an abberation of giant and death that took Humphrey’s life, the group destroyed the last nexus, freeing Stormreach from the zombie menace. But the battle was costly, and Valna died as the others fled the crumbling ruins beneath the dead.


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